Tony & Ziva : 10.24 “Damned If You Do”


Lightning over Lugano by Raphael Schmid | (Follow on Flickr)


Lightning over Lugano by Raphael Schmid | (Follow on Flickr)


Danielle Bradbery - Stay (Cover)


remember when the ncis fandom had hope and dreams and believed in love

and now everyone is just angry and paranoid and hurt



An Oregon Couple Rushed Through Their Wedding Because Of A Wildfire

and then managed to take the most beautiful photos

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Hey you guys. I just wanted to share that my grandfather is doing a lot better today. He had a very rough weekend and when I saw him yesterday he broke my heart. Thankfully, today he seems to be happier and with more energy. It’s no secret that he is sick, though. The man is almost 90 years old, he’s been working for 80 years non-stop. He’s truly a superhero. I know he doesn’t have much time left on earth but I do know that right now, it’s not his time to leave. He still has a lot to teach and a lot to give to each of us in the family. I’m just really proud of him and I hope he’ll get through this. And he will, I can feel it.

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts and good vibes and just… everything. You are amazing and I’ll owe you forever if you can keep wishing the best for him. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Praying for your grandpa, your family and you, babylove. It'll be okay.

Thank you babe. I hope it’ll be ok.

I hope your grandpa is okay, posi thoughts are being sent your way.
- Anonymous

Thank you so much, love. It means a lot♥

Hey guys, I just want to ask you a quick favor. My grandpa is very sick and my family is so worried and everything’s so bad right now so I’d like to ask for your prayers and good vibes. It would mean the world to me if you could keep my grandfather in your thoughts. Thank you so much, loves ♥

Rewatching The Following || 2x07 “Sacrifice”

Hello Ryan. I’m sorry it’s come to this but I don’t know any other way to express what my loss feels like. You take from me, I take from you.
I have many more surprises for you, Ryan. Get ready.